have fascinated us since the dawn of mankind.They encompass the feeling of boundless infinity, freedom and passion. Fascination with aircraft. A craft takes off towards the sky with breath-taking speed. With unbridled power and sophisticated technology, elegant and resolute at the same time. All of this has inspired us to launch Four Point One. For people who share our passion and who love a style full of joie de vivre and vigour.

Free and independent.

Our mission is to develop products to the highest level. Timeless elegance, shaped by simplicity and technical expertise, produced exclusively in German factories.

This is not just jewellery. We process genuine materials from aircraft. Original parts of a Boeing or an Airbus which have flown many miles and have visible traces. Traces of wind, ice and storms. All of our jewellery tells stories from distant metropolises, countries and cultures. This is how handcrafted and certified unique specimens MADE IN GERMANY are created

Fascination with flying – a piece of freedom for us!